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Edit : Since the writing one of the commenters below wrote a script that will allow you to schedule your gmail messages without outlook or another mail program: I haven’t tried it yet, but in looks promising!

The bad news is that Gmail does not support scheduling emails at the time of this posting. The good news is that it does support IMAP, which allows you to access your Gmail account from a third-party email client. So all you need to do is set up your Gmail account in your desktop client, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird. You can then use the delay send feature of your desktop email client to schedule the sending of a message in Gmail. If you don’t have a desktop email client, two of the three I mentioned above are free, so get set up on one of those first.

To schedule sending a Gmail message in Microsoft Outlook 2007:

1. Create a new IMAP email account: Tools >Account Settings… > New

Create a New IMAP Email Account

2. EnterĀ  your Gmail address (note: I am showing the detailed settings, however the wizard will work fine).

Gmail Settings

3. Nothing special for outgoing server

Server Settings

4. Port settings: I’ve seen others quoted. These work for me.

Port Settings

5. Open a new email and click the Options tab:

Compose Email

6. Click on “Delay Delivery”

Outlook 2007 Delay

7. Set the desired delivery time.

Outlook Gmail set delivery time

8. Compose and send the message. That’s it!

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7 thoughts on “Schedule Email in Gmail – Delay Send

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  2. You don’t need to use MS Outlook, that’s just one email client that will work. Thunderbird is a free email client and will work just as well. Obviously the downside of this technique is you need to use a desktop email client because Gmail does not currently support this feature. Many people don’t want to do this because 1) if they don’t currently use a desktop email client, it’s a lot of work just for this one feature and, 2) if they are away from their computer where the client is installed, they can’t schedule their email.

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  4. Hey everybody,

    I too wish this was a native Gmail feature. Until that time though, you can try out Gmail Delay Send ( It’s a free service written in Google Apps Script that runs on Google’s own servers. Because it doesn’t require anything to be installed on your phone/browser it’s available on any platform you can compose a gmail message from.

    The way it works is you compose an email directly within gmail, the only change to your normal process is to specify on the subject line when you want the email sent (eg. instead of “I love gmail” you would write “I love gmail — tomorrow, 1pm”). The email will be sent by from your gmail account at the time specified.

    Hope this can help some of you.


  5. This works except the time stamp on the email has the date and time you actually created it not the date and time you have is scheduled to send. Anyone know a way around this?

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