Silicon Valley Web Guild – Advanced Search Marketing Part 2

Here is part two in the series recapping a recent Web Guild panel discussion:

Advanced Search Marketing
Silicon Valley Web Guild


  1. Barbara Coll, Founder & Search Specialist, WebMama
  2. Jessie Stricchiola, Founder, Alchemist Media
  3. Moderator: Massimo Burgio, Search Specialist, Global Search Interactive

I’ve just outlined comments or information that stood out as being useful for someone involved in or trying to understand search engine marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Web Analytics

Massimo: Analytic tools are important in obtaining necessary metrics to determine ROI for a marketing campaign.

Barbara: Business to business marketers selling products priced between $5000 and $25,000 aren’t worried about PPC costs. What is the most important question to answer? What are you willing to pay to get a customer? What is a customer’s lifetime value to you?

Jessie: Send PPC traffic to the proper landing page. Properly track clicks with a query string in the link, i.e. url?page=2.

Redesign your page layout for the best conversion. You can better track the effect of changes by testing with a PPC campaign. Use split AB testing for this purpose. Feed the data obtained by this testing back into your SEO program.

Keyword Analysis

Massimo: Talk to your sales force. They are most likely using different terminology than you PR department and customers.

– Keyword discovery. – Wordtracker keywords. Has a steeper learning curve. You can buy a daily license.

Firefox tools for SEO
Extensions: – search “SEO for Firefox”

Jessie: The average number of words in search queries is increasing all the time. The following are measurements and predictions by John Smart –
2002 – 1.3 words
2006- 2.6 words
2010 – 5.2 words
2013 – 10.4 words

The average number of words in a human to human questions is 11.

Question and Answers

Q: What is the most critical piece of information in designing your internet marketing campaign?
A: Barbara: Which action converts.

Points to Take Away from the Q&A:

  1. There is better conversion on the long tail.
  2. gets most of it’s traffic from because Google includes links to local results in it’s SERPs when appropriate.
  3. Buy a feed on You can also include local results in your adword campaign.

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